Going After "The More" With God

HSRM Women's Conference Mar. 15-17, 2018, Dayton, Ohio

"I just would like to say many thanks for your callings that bring you to have gatherings and "a feast" as such. Thank you for confirming that there is much more in God for me, This has brought me confirmation, and allows me to understand that my level of conscience that I've recently come to is right where Go wants me to be and that he knows my discovery and thirst for that MORE! He will continue to show me doors and open them, allowing me to grow in my spirituality realm in order to help love and help others come closer to him. Amen. With much love..."S.

God Has Helped Me

HSRM Women's Conference Mar. 15-17, 2018, Dayton, Ohio

"I am a 61-year-old woman with many issues, food addiction, sexual abuse, low self-worth, a heart attack Dec. 22, 2017. I think it all ties together. I tried to clean my house and was coughing a lot. I went to the internist who did x-rays. She found I have COPD, CHF and stage IV kidney failure. Before that I thought I was invincible. I thought I was in good shape, a 61-year-old diabetic since age 28, who never took care of myself. My house had dust and I couldn't breathe so I went to the hospital and the heart doctor put in a stent. When I got home I knew I had to clean my house and got depressed and discouraged, but started cleaning anyway. I started coughing a lot and I got very depressed and thought there was no hope. A great friend and neighbor paid her maintenance man to clean the whole downstairs! I am inspired and thankful. I can breathe and God is who I prayed to and who answered my prayers. He is right here with me all the time. The conference speakers were wonderful!"

Jesus Answered Prayer

HSRM Women's Conference Mar. 15-17, 2018, Dayton, Ohio

"Jesus Christ answered prayer that I have been praying for months, about finding a church for me and my sister. I found this one! [Linden Avenue Baptist Church, site of conference]. I know now more answers to prayer are shortly on the way. Also, now I can forgive every enemy and ...it's done! Amen! Thank you!"

Conference Gave Lots of Confirmation

HSRM Women's Conference, Mar.15-17, 2018, Dayton, Ohio

"God is on me about my brain health. It started the day of the event with biofeedback, then here through things Wendy taught, and I will continue learning when I leave. Exciting! I was given a bible study to do inside the prison called "Who I Am." Then Wendy spoke on "finding me." :)  So many stories about things I had been reading prior to the conference and the Holy Spirit confirming things to me. Thank you!"