What's Your Passion?

I am currently riding bicycles with some friends across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After a week of riding, I will return home. Hopefully my wife will greet me with some degree of affection and at least try to pretend like she missed me. If not, I am in trouble. If not, she must not think much of me.

What does it say when we live our lives with mediocre attention to the Lord of the universe? Is he worth more than a casual acceptance or belief in existence? It seems to me if he is the holy, all powerful God described in the Bible then I ought to be passionate about knowing Him, worshiping him, and serving him. I should be passionate about sharing him with others. Otherwise, it must seem to him that I do not hold him in very high regard, the honor he deserves.

A scripture that has challenged me a lot this summer relates to this concept. “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11, NIV) This verse is found in a list of short commands for believers. Keeping your spiritual fervor is literally “boiling in Spirit.” We are commanded to make sure we keep passionate about God.

Passion is not my normal temperament. But passion is God’s expectation. Anything less degrades the honor we assign to the living God. So my big assignment is to find out what will keep me passionate about the Lord. Fight off apathy and discouragement replacing it with fervor for the Lord.

What is your passion? Is it consistently obvious? May it be so!

Pastor Ed Owens, HSRM Chairman