Undoubtedly have a powerful impact

Dr. Tim Long
American Baptist Missionary/Seminary Professor
Baja, Mexico

¡Tremendo! ¡Qué bendición! (Great! What a blessing!) Manolo's reaction to the end of a two-day conference with Clay Ford summed up so many thoughts. As Clay spoke and taught on the Holy Spirit at the Mexicali Baptist Seminary — young and old, men and women, pastors and...

New wineskin filled with Holy Spirit wine!

Kris Vallotton
Senior Associate Pastor, Bethel Church
Redding, CA

Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries has become a catalyst for global revival. The sparks from the fire of this ministry are igniting people all over world. I have personally witnessed people healed, delivered and restored as the Holy Spirit orchestrates His supernatural power through this...

Set a new direction for our church family.

Pastor Clint Webb
Church on the Rock
Mentor Pastor in ABC/Northwest
Oak Harbor, WA

We are still receiving words of thank you for inviting the Fords (Clay, Cheri, and Hannah) to our church. Their ministry has changed lives individually and has set a new direction for our church family. In beautiful, orderly services we saw God answer our prayers...

Turned up the thermostat on our little flames

Randy Bradford
Church leader and President of Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce
Oak Harbor, WA

The anointing of our Lord is upon you all... it is obvious to me that the Holy Spirit has allowed your words to reveal to us amazing truths that we too often forget. You all have turned up the thermostat on our little flames and I just wanted to let you know...

Inspired me to seek a deeper

Rev. Dr. Alice Greene
National President of the ABCUSA Ministers'Council
Pastor of Irving Park Baptist Church
Chicago, IL

My heart burned with yearning as I listened to representatives from Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries talk about the power of God that is available to the pastors and ministry leaders from ABC Metro Chicago region who had gathered to hear them. They inspired me to prayerfully and...

Deeply and richly fed

Dr. Larry Greenfield
Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago

The Metro Chicago region of the American Baptist Churches is about as diverse in terms of theology and race and ethnicity and economic class as one could imagine. We run the whole range of the ecclesiastical and human community. But all of us were deeply and richly fed when...