Spiritual renewal and fellowship

Rev. Dr. Lawrence O. Swain
Executive Minister
American Baptist Churches of Ohio

I was invited to participate in the 2008 Holy Spirit Conference at Green Lake, where I was given the privilege to share how the Holy Spirit is blessing the lives and ministries of the American Baptist Churches of Ohio. My wife and I experienced a week of spiritual renewal and fellowship...

A welcomed and needed message

Rev. Ray Schooler
DMin, Director of Church Relations, American Baptist International Ministries

I have attended the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference (Green Lake) as well as other HSRM events and have found that HSRM leaders present the teaching and ministry of the Holy Spirit in a way that leads us to be inspired and strengthened. In my role with International Ministries, I attend...

Feeling so refreshed by the Holy Spirit

Jeff & Annie Dieselberg
American Baptist and NightLight Missionaries, Bangkok, Thailand

Power, prophecy, healing, words of knowledge and the comforting, peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit only describes some of the awesome experiences we have had over the past several years attending the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Conference at Green Lake...

I can't wait to see what God will do next!

Dr. John Charlton III
Pastor at Harvard Park Baptist Church, Springfield, IL

Early in 2007 I felt a strong desire to go to the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin. It had been years since I was last there, so the desire was a bit unusual. I didn't know enough about HSRM to anticipate what might happen there. I just had a need to...

Essential for our needs of renewal and training

Rev. Ross Lieuallen
Pastor FBC, Billings, MT

My wife and I have been involved in Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (HSRM) for over 15 years. We have found in the annual, week-long Holy Spirit conference a "home" where we have experienced lasting relationships with other pastors and people both within and outside the American Baptist context...