On the cutting edge of what God is saying and doing

Teri Nyberg

First Baptist Church
Sioux Falls, SD

The Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries has been a blessing in my life and the life of my church. I have been attending the HSRM National Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin for the last 13 years. Each year God meets me right where I am and I come to know my Lord in new and deeper ways. I am always in awe of how He touches each person in different ways according to their needs. Other conferences I have attended, I have learned about God. But the HSRM Conference is an experience with God. The Presence of the Holy Spirit is so powerful and precious that you just want more of Him. I would say that I have come to really know the third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, through this Ministry.

What has impressed me the most about HSRM is the quality of programming at the yearly Conference. I have been blessed to sit under the teaching of wonderful speakers, teachers, theologians, and seminarians. Some that stand out in my mind include; Charles Kraft, Dean Sherman, Clark Pinnock, Greg Boyd, Bill Johnson, and Gordon Fee. HSRM has kept those of us who attend on the cutting edge of what God is saying and doing in the world today. We are challenged to grow in our faith and to do the things that Jesus did.

HSRM has impacted my church in that we have put into practice many of the things we have learned at the Conference. We have a monthly Healing Service where we anointed people with oil and pray for healing according to the pattern we have learned from being on the prayer ministry teams at Green Lake. We also now have Prayer Ministry teams that are available to pray with people after our Sunday morning services. This also is modeled after what we have observed and experienced at the Green Lake meetings. Over the years since I first attended, more than 80 people from Sioux Falls have joined us in the yearly event. This has made a huge difference in the way we think and minister in our church. I think the biggest thing we have gained is courage and boldness to step out into the things God calls us to do and be in the Kingdom of God. We have learned that we are all ministers and God will use our willingness if we just say yes.

I would highly recommend people getting involved with HSRM. This ministry exist to help people be empowered by the Holy Spirit and to take one's place in the Body of Christ. It provides opportunity and experience in ministry and prayer. People come away from the Conference built up and encouraged to step out in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am excited about the direction the HSRM is taking in that it is seeking to reach out with the message and ministry of the Holy Spirit by having regional conferences, pastor's retreats, and pastor/spouse weekend times of ministry.

It is what God is doing right now-reaching out! I am so blessed to be a part of HSRM.

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