Powerful and pointed

Rev. Dr. Frank Frischkorn

Regional Executive Pastor
American Baptist Churches of
Pennsylvania and Delaware

Our region just concluded a Fanning the Flame Pastor's Conference with ABCNJ, where Clay Ford served as our Morning Devotions Leader. The group of pastors that came to the event needed encouragement. They needed to see that God had a plan for their life and ministry, and that they were not alone in the challenges that they faced. Into that environment Clay came and served as a vessel for God's Spirit to pour out His life-giving hope and power into the lives of those weary leaders. His messages to us were powerful and pointed, and he challenged all of us to look to the One who called us into ministry to provide the vision for the future, trusting in the power of His Holy Spirit to enliven us for the journey. Everyone that I spoke to after the event appreciated Clay's heart for the Kingdom and his love for the Savior. I heartily support his ministry and encourage you to do the same.

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