Go where the action is and see for yourself

Pastor Keith Cerk

ABC Pastor
Chicago, IL

I have been an American Baptist pastor for nearly two decades now. I am a two time graduate of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary where I studied the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in a very comprehensive way. But with all of my head knowledge, I knew almost nothing about how to live practically in the power and presence of the Spirit. The best place I have found where I could learn about practicing the gifts of the Spirit in a theologically sound way was at the HSRM Holy Spirit conference.

Let me offer just one example of how it has affected my ministry. For years I had prayed for the physical healing of others and, like many of my pastor friends, saw no visible results at all. The HSRM summer conference gave me the opportunity to actually see the gift of healing in operation, which was key to awakening my faith that God was still at work in this way. After receiving excellent training in how to pray for healing myself, I have now prayed for and seen many people in my church healed in some pretty amazing ways. This has been a tremendous boost to our faith in the reality God, which in turn energizes everything we do.

Whenever anyone asks me about how to learn the ways of the Holy Spirit, I always tell them that the best way to learn is to "go where the action is" and see for yourself. Then I tell them to go to the HSRM Holy Spirit conference.

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