Deeply and richly fed

Dr. Larry Greenfield

Executive Minister
American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago

The Metro Chicago region of the American Baptist Churches is about as diverse in terms of theology and race and ethnicity and economic class as one could imagine. We run the whole range of the ecclesiastical and human community. But all of us were deeply and richly fed when Clay Ford and John Piippo of Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries led pastors and partners in a Day of Renewal. Across the board, Clay and John accepted us in the different places where we started, helped us open our minds and hearts to where the Holy Spirit is working within us, in our congregations and ministries, and in the world, and guided us into new understandings and experiences of God working in our lives and ministries. At the end of the day (literally), we all agreed we want them back again as we grow together in word and spirit.

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